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"As a committed conservative I wholeheartedly endorse Stephanie Mickelsen. Stephanie is a smart business owner who cares about investing in our community and making sure government plays the right role in building communities. She is an independent thinker, a great listener and a gifted leader. Stephanie loves our community and is invested in the future of Idaho. Stephanie Mickelsen will be an incredible asset to the Idaho Legislature"

Park & Sharon Price


"We have found Stephanie to be determined, hard working and an effective problem solver. Stephanie has been generous with her knowledge and resources to help other business owners succeed. When issues arise and there is a roadblock, Stephanie has the ability and creativity to find a way.  She is a deep thinker and this allows for her to make solid, reasoned decisions. Stephanie’s experience truly sets her apart. Stephanie is a great leader and will represent Eastern Idaho with the integrity we stand for and the skill to actually get things done."

- Brad & Andrea Hall

"We have had the pleasure to know Stephanie Mickelson for years. She is a woman of action, who has served our community on countless boards and callings. Stephanie is in touch with our local politics and understands the needs of business. She listens to the needs of the community and then gets to work creating community-wide solutions. Stephanie is a doer.  Stephanie is grounded in her faith, runs a family business and is connected to our way of life here in Idaho. It is our pleasure to endorse Stephanie Mickelsen for the Idaho House of Representatives"

- Dave & Monica Kuhn


"Stephanie Mickelsen has a gift for getting along with people from all walks of life. She is a connector. Stephanie has a well-earned track record of successful businesses and is respected throughout our community. Stephanie has a unique understanding of what it means to live and work in Eastern Idaho.  She pays great attention to detail and never procrastinates what can be accomplished today. District 32 would be lucky to be represented by such an experienced and skilled leader."

- Ken Taylor

"Stephanie Mickelsen is energetic, committed and highly organized. You can rely on Stephanie to achieve take a well-planned approach and to continue working to an effective result. Stephanie understands Eastern Idaho, values the contribution of the INL to the community and has the experience that is necessary to be valuable in government leadership. Stephanie is prepared, competent and trustworthy. I am proud to endorse Stephanie Mickelsen to represent District 32 in the Idaho Legislature."

- Randy Hughes

"Stephanie has a great sense of integrity and a high code of ethics.  She can be trusted in speaking and working for all our best interests.  She values, yet knows how to balance, the differing interests affecting our Community, State and Nation. Stephanie is an astute business woman but also works hard for our Community, State and Nation.  She is resourceful in working through problems and other issues.  She is good at and isn't afraid to bring together divergent groups, opinions and interests to find common ground for results agreeable to all (so important in our society and the Legislature) and the greater good of the Community, State and Nation. I've known Stephanie for many years and have seen her interest and dedication in and to our Community and State affairs grow.  Her actions in the past has proven she can get things done."

- Lane Archibald

"Stephanie Mickelsen has my full endorsement for State Representative for Idaho’s District 30. As Controller for Potato Products of Idaho for the past five years, I have worked collaboratively on a range of initiatives with Stephanie in her role as Chief Financial Officer of Mickelsen Farms. She is sharp, curious, and a quick study, and she is not afraid to ask hard questions or challenge conventional thinking, which I have found refreshing. Her high energy level, deep concern for the welfare of her company’s employees, and her commitment to her family and community make her someone who can get things done – all things that can help the citizens of her district and the state." 

- Mark E Kerback