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Bonneville County Central Committee Response

My moral compass has been guided by a mission to prioritize the collective good of our community. I hold to the belief that proper representation of my district is more important than political divides, and after hearing from thousands of constituents in Bonneville county, they agree. 


This week’s second censure hearing is an orchestrated effort by the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee that represents a stark departure from the values and priorities of our community. This was demonstrated during the town hall meeting in December where over 130 were in attendance. The overwhelming support I received from constituents after that gathering shows that local residents value open dialogue, mutual respect, and genuine representation over divisive political maneuvers.


My journey into public service is powered by the trust and encouragement from voters, and it echoes louder than any political party's call.


Every day, I am in contact with hundreds of constituents. I take these conversations seriously, whether in person, via phone, or through digital correspondence. They ensure that I remain closely aligned with the needs, aspirations, and concerns of those I am privileged to represent.


It is disappointing to see the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee pursue a path that undermines the principles upon which our nation was built. Their actions are driven by a narrow agenda rather than the will of local constituents, and serve only to distract from the issues facing our community.


As an elected official, I am accountable to voters, not central committees. 


The attempt to censure me for a second time is a misguided effort to undermine my service. Such tactics will not deter me from advocating for the priorities of my constituents and improving the well-being of Bonneville County.


District 32, I hear you -- thank you for your support.

Representative Stephanie Mickelsen