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An incredible community

We live in an incredible community filled with friends and neighbors who look out for each other. We’re not afraid to roll up our sleeves and lend a helping hand when we see someone in need. I feel incredibly fortunate to live and work alongside so many incredible people who want great things for our region and state. It’s why I was thrilled to see how many of us came together during the last election to revitalize the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee. 

Through the dedicated efforts of dozens of volunteers, community members joined together to offer voters a choice in the races for precinct committee officers (PCOs). In past elections, some of these positions went uncontested or even unfilled. As we’ve seen in recent months, it produced a party central committee disconnected from the biggest priorities of our community.

Last week, the PCOs who won in the May 21 primary were sworn in and elected new leadership for the central committee. Of the 51 positions, 38 are now held by members of the “Empower Bonneville Voters” coalition that promised to focus on four things during their two-year term:

1. Welcoming new and young Republicans

2. Respecting the voter’s candidate choices 

3. Supporting new party leaders who work for Idaho Republican voters

4. Ending the kangaroo courts and purity tests

Now, we have an opportunity to live up to these promises. Next week, delegates nominated and elected by the reorganized central committee will head to Coeur d’Alene for the 2024 Republican Party State Convention. We’ll participate in the process of electing new state party leaders and adopting a party platform. It allows us to share the feedback we’ve heard in the community. 

As Republicans, we share common goals. We want a safe community with a healthy economy. We want strong schools that prepare our students for future success. We want smart investments in local infrastructure to help our growing community handle the changes we’re seeing. We can do these things while keeping taxes under control and reducing unnecessary red tape.

It’s unlikely that we’ll agree every time on the exact solutions to accomplish these objectives. But our shared vision makes it possible for us to find a path forward. By listening to each other, treating each other with respect, and working together, we can continue to build on our past success.

I look forward to seeing how the central committee will serve our community and state during the next two years. I’m confident we’ll fulfill the promises that were made to Bonneville County. Then, when the time comes, voters will decide if we’ve fulfilled our responsibility to the community.